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What can SwiftAPI do for you?

SwiftAPI turns any application into a powerful messaging platform able to send and receive tens, hundreds, thousands or millions of phone calls, texts, faxes and emails.  Trigger messages via phone, browser-to-call and inbound sms/text. Integrate 2-way voice, text and email allowing your customers to stay engaged. Establish conference calls, weather alerts and custom IVR call-flows. Send out messages in text-to-speech or live voice. Translate into 44 languages. Receive real-time detailed reporting on each and every message campaign.  

With SwiftAPI, you can do it all...

NDN - What is it and why is it important to you?

Through SwiftAPI, you will gain access to the SwiftReach NDN, the network responsible for delivering time-sensitive, critical messages for more than 1500 customers over the last 12 years. You will be armed with the most robust emergency notification system available, providing you the opportunity to bolster on new revenue without requiring any capital investment. 

All of the benefits, none of the cost...

A few NDN highlights:

  • Highest success rates in message delivery
  • Massive scalability supports applications of all sizes
  • Real-time visibility into notification results
  • Unrivaled speed in delivering your messages
  • Unmatched reliability means NDN is available when you need it