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Emergency notification systems are in high demand across all major industries. A tremendous opportunity exists for software providers to significantly increase revenue by offering a fully-integrated, reliable and scalable solution to new and existing customers. The key is to deliver the solution with the same “look-and-feel” of your existing platform without having to invest in significant capital or labor resources. With this in mind, SwiftReach has developed a comprehensive Rest-based API allowing application providers to back-end their software with the most powerful mass emergency notification system.

Applications across a wide variety of vertical markets benefit from integrating SwiftReach’s feature set. Solutions catering to K12 schools, higher-education, residential housing, billing, healthcare, government, utilities and more all derive significant value from integrating the SwiftReach notification engine.

Initially launched in 2008, SwiftReach provides its API as Restful or SOAP with a .NET database environment supporting nearly all programming languages.


  • Uses

Using the SwiftAPI, software providers deliver powerful benefits to the end-user without burdening them by having to manage disparate systems. The use cases for SwiftReach functionality are nearly endless.

    • Inform parents of early dismissals and delayed openings.
    • Inform parents about child’s attendance records and report cards.
    • Notify parents and staff of emergency evacuations via phone, email and text message within minutes.
    • Deliver a "lock-down" message to the appropriate administrative staff during a crisis.
    • Notify parents regarding important homework assignments or upcoming exams.
    • Remind parents and teachers about PTA conferences and other events.
    • Inform parents about disciplinary actions taken by the school.
    • Provide real-time inbound hotline to allow parents and staff to stay informed during an emergency.
    • Allow children to report “bullying” cases by responding to a two-way text message or calling in anonymously.
    • Generate a text message to parents when their child’s bus route has been changed.
    • Ensure student safety by rapidly delivering a text and phone call when an act of violence occurs on campus.
    • Provide safety tips during health emergencies including the spread of contagious viruses.
    • Deliver important news regarding weather announcements before and after they occur.
    • Provide information to students regarding time-sensitive events including class cancellations.
    • Allow students to report campus incidents in real time by calling in to record a message or be transferred to the admin office.
    • Poll students on a variety of campus issues through text.
    • Promptly notify residents about package deliveries and visitors.
    • Deliver immediate information to residents regarding any criminal activity.
    • Immediately notify community regarding power outages, gas leaks or boil-water advisories.
    • Inform residents about building maintenance issues.
    • Provide the elderly with a dynamic daily activities list by publishing a phone number which connects to the SwiftReach platform.
    • Track receipt of important information delivered to residents via phone, email or text.
    • Provide a call-in hotline for residents to report lost or stolen property.
    • Establish a secure, real-time communication link between doctors and hospitals.
    • Communicate vital patient information including disabilities and medical exam results in near real-time.
    • Doctor’s offices deliver information to patients regarding scheduling appointments, medicine reminders and outstanding invoices.
    • Provide secure toll-free hotline for patients to call-in for private medical exam results.
    • Hospitals trigger an immediate staff recall to support a crisis/emergency situation.
    • Establish a secure pin-based conference call to disseminate important information to department heads.
    • Pharmacies deliver critical drug recall information to thousands or millions of patients within minutes.
    • Enterprise – HR management
    • Point-Of-Sale
    • Billing
    • CRM
    • Scheduling software

Notifications Sent via Most Popular Methods

  • phoneVoice
  • cell phoneText
  • emailEmail
  • rssRSS
  • twitterSocial Media

"We have found Swift911 to be the easiest emergency notification system to use. Great solution for our 2 million resident population."

-Terrence Vigilance - San Bernardino County, CA Fire Department