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In today’s world, we know how important it is for a school to have a fast and reliable method for contacting parents, staff and students. SwiftK12 provides schools with an easy-to-use, internet-based notification system used to rapidly transmit voice, email and text messages. SwiftK12 provides a wide variety of features including multiple languages, text-to-speech, 2-way messaging and much more….

The goal of SwiftK12 is to arm schools with the most efficient tool to reliably communicate with hundreds or thousands of contacts without overburdening your staff.


  • Features
  • Uses
  • Broadcast messages using all communication paths, such as phone, email, text, fax, cell and social media.

  • A recognizable phone number (and caller ID name) and email of your choice displays to the parent or staff member, increasing the likelihood they answer their phone and read your message.

  • Message recipients can connect to a staff member in real time simply by pressing a “key”.

  • Automated and personalized multilingual attendance alerts which notify parents when their child is absent or tardy.

  • By simply typing a message in the appropriate field, superintendents, principals and teachers can quickly create a voice message to be delivered to parents and staff.

  • Thousands of contacts can be reached simultaneously via all contact methods.

  • Voice messages can be configured to prompt the call recipient to key in a PIN code prior to the message being played.

  • Conference calls allow multiple parties to be connected to the same bridge.

  • Inbound hotlines handle a high-volume of incoming questions to keep parents and staff informed.

  • Multilingual portal supporting over 40 languages allows parents and staff to maintain contact information.

  • Translates voice messages and Text-To-Speech (TTS).

  • Extensive reporting is available during and after a campaign and remains accessible via the system indefinitely.


  • Inform parents of early dismissals and delayed openings.
  • Inform parents about child’s attendance records and report cards.
  • Notify parents and staff of emergency evacuations via phone, email and text message within minutes.
  • Deliver a "lock-down" message to the appropriate administrative staff during a crisis.
  • Notify parents regarding important homework assignments or upcoming exams.
  • Remind parents and teachers about PTA conferences and other events.
  • Inform parents about disciplinary actions taken by the school.
  • Provide real-time inbound hotline to allow parents and staff to stay informed during an emergency.
  • Allow children to report “bullying” cases by responding to a two-way text message or calling in anonymously.
  • Generate a text message to parents when their child’s bus route has been changed.


"We have found Swift911 to be the easiest emergency notification system to use. Great solution for our 2 million resident population."

-Terrence Vigilance - San Bernardino County, CA Fire Department