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Our Swift911™ solution integrates world-class Emergency Alerting , Lockdown Incident Management, Public Contact Registration, and Contact Lookup into one easy to use application. Swift911™ is utilized by over 1,500 organizations nationwide. These organizations consist of numerous industries such as: government, technology, education, healthcare, utilities and enterprise. Swift911™ provides a user friendly interface, backed by a fault-tolerant network, utilized to alert residents, staff and customers regarding emergencies and other time-sensitive events. Using an integrated, cohesive approach, Swift911™ delivers messages via multiple contact methods including;  voice, text, email, fax and social media and syndicates messages via RSS and CAP/IPAWS.

Swift911™ is used by customers to keep its constituents informed during fires, outages, floods, hurricanes, evacuations, road closures and more. All notifications are delivered via the Notification Delivery Network™ (NDN), a network owned and operated by SwiftReach for the sole purpose of delivering emergency messages. Swift911™ delivers time sensitive, mission critical information with unmatched speed and reliability. Organizations of all sizes ranging from 100 people to more than 2 million depend on SwiftReach to deliver messages everyday.


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  • The SwiftReach NDN provides the highest level of success rates in emergency notification delivery. Customers benefit from an extraordinarily reliable platform as all notifications are delivered via a completely redundant network.

  • SwiftReach solutions help automate processes and dramatically decrease the time and resources necessary to complete critical communication tasks.

  • Swiftreach enables you to quickly alert first responders to coordinate necessary efforts to keep your community safe.

  • With SwiftReach's enhanced inbound call handing features, staff can focus on addressing emergencies without being overwhelmed by hundreds or thousands of incoming calls.

  • 2-way communication platform allows your constituents to stay connected during a crisis.

  • From one intuitive interface, customers can easily send alerts via all delivery paths including voice, text, email, social media as well as RSS and IPAWS.

  • SwiftReach offers a host of unique messaging features providing customers with the most advanced emergency notification system.

  • Using multiple contact methods and over 40 languages, every member of your community has the opportunity to receive and understand the message.

  • Choose one of several options to suit your budgetary requirements.

    • Easily add, delete, & edit list items. Lists can be subdivided by criteria such as department or location. Multiple lists can be notified simultaneously.

    • With SwiftReach's advanced GIS mapping technology, customers can target messages to a specific geographic area by using standard shapes, custom shapes or radial maps. SwiftReach also supports the ability to import existing ESRI maps.

    • Allow your community to provide relevant personal information such as disabilities and other specific attributes. Plot on a map and target these individuals with a specific message.

    • Perform advanced searches based on multiple criteria including name, phone number, email, and physical address.

    • Allow residents and businesses to easily add, change or delete information through a web portal designed by SwiftReach and embedded into your website.. - Residents and staff can subscribe to multiple notification publishers in locations of interest.

    • Establish latitude and longitude for each contact. Allow your residents to geo-code themselves via web-portal.

    • Easily import existing data including phone numbers and email addresses using a simple comma delimited format.

    • Send messages via a multitude of contact mediums including voice, text, fax, email, RSS, CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) and social media.

    • Using the quick alert wizard, messages are created and launched within seconds.

    • Configure outbound voice messages to display a custom caller-id and caller ID name. Leave voice mail messages and call alternate phone numbers when initial number does not answer. Set the number of times a phone number is called in the event that a call is busy or unanswered. Also set the amount of time to wait before a call to a previously called number is reattempted.

    • Initiate a conference call with key personnel by either requiring a PIN entry or automatically bridging them in. Administrator has option to mute all participants.

    • Configure a number to be called automatically at given time intervals. If the call is not answered, the emergency contact is automatically contacted.

    • Delivers voice messages in your contacts' order of preference and stops once a recipient confirms receipt.

    • Ensure only the intended recipient listens to the message by requiring the call recipient to enter a PIN.

    • Deliver emergency messages via FEMA IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert and Warning System).

    • Generate automated alerts based on feed from NWS (National Weather Service).

    • Users can configure capacity based on local telecom infrastructure to prevent phone systems from being overloaded.

    • Deliver messages in your customers' primary language.

    • Provide an 800 Number to your community presenting callers with a series of options including; record a message, listen to a previous outbound notification and/or be transferred to a live operator.

    • Provide recipients the option to reply to a text. Results are reported on and accessible via the administrator portal.

    • Provide a SwiftReach telephone number to your constituents, thereby offloading incoming calls from your phone system.

    • Using Voicelink™, customers can provide integrated 2-way communication by allowing message recipients to press a “key” to be instantly transferred to live staff.

    • Build canned scenarios for one-click notification campaigns. When time is of the essence, quickly send alerts to a pre-defined contact list during emergencies such as evacuations or lock-downs.

    • View an array of detailed and summary reports for any notification campaign. See instantly an overview of the campaign and the number of people successfully contacted by voice, text and email.

    • Using the quick alert wizard, inbound and outbound messages are created and launched in seconds via voice, text, fax, email, RSS, Facebook and Twitter.

    • Tornados
    • Hurricanes
    • Fires
    • Flooding
    • Biological Threats
    • Bomb Threats
    • Crime
    • Lost Child
    • Lost Alzheimer's Patient
    • HAZMAT Emergencies
    • Nuclear Power Emergencies
    • Gas Leaks
    • Water Main Breaks
    • Water Shortages and Restrictions
    • Blood Drives
    • Street Cleaning
    • Recycling Announcements


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SLIM™ is now part of Swift911

"We have found Swift911 to be the easiest emergency notification system to use. Great solution for our 2 million resident population."

-Terrence Vigilance - San Bernardino County, CA Fire Department