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With the Swift800™ Toll-Free enhanced routing platform, your business can increase efficiency and reduce operational costs while providing the highest level of quality and reliability. Our robust solution provides an 8XX toll free number coupled with a variety of enhanced routing features allowing your business to customize call distribution and call management.


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The Swift800 platform provides many benefits over competing solutions.

  • The SwiftReach NDN (Notification Delivery Network) is a carrier-grade telecom switching infrastructure interconnected to 20+ carriers across 4 data centers.

  • Route calls based on caller location, dialed number, time-of-day and day-of-week.

  • No need to over-burden your staff or PBX as Swift800 takes calls off your network and routes appropriately.

  • Progress of advertising campaigns can be accessed in real-time via secure web and/or automated email.

  • Options to bill at the corporate-level, dealer-level or a combination of both.

SwiftReach's Swift800™ Enhanced Toll-Free Solutions offer a wealth of features and customizations to meet the demands of your business needs.

  • Present a variety of menu options including live operator transfer, listen to pre-recorded announcements, audio in multiple languages and repeat menu.

  • Automatically route calls to assigned dealers based on territory or proximity to caller.

  • Allow caller to choose amongst list of locations.

  • Evenly or percentage route calls amongst a list of office locations.

  • Easily record phone calls for quality assurance purposes.

  • Provide in-network voicemail to your dealers or business locations.

  • High-level summary and detailed CDRs available to track results by:

    • Answer Rate
    • Location
    • Average Time-to-Answer
    • Peak/Off-Peak
  • Configure separate routing tables based on call criteria including origination point and time-of-day.

  • Automatically change routing based on Peak/Off-Peak.

  • Play specific message to the called party based on the origination point of caller.

  • Configure system to display caller ID or dialed 800 Number.

  • Allow callers to reach your franchise or dealer location most convenient to them. Callers can be routed to the dealer nearest to their current location. Callers can also key in a zip code to be routed to the dealer in that area.

  • Sell use of your single national toll-free vanity number to a geographically diverse group of customers. Assign unique territories to each of your customers. Territories can consist of states, counties, cities, zip codes, area code, and exchanges.

  • Provide uniform phone access to your various office locations or remote workers by assigning an extension number to each.

  • Provide interactive call menus for your customers to access information or to enable your customers to easily reach the appropriate departments.

  • Evenly distribute calls across a group of phone numbers. Route calls to different phone numbers or call centers based on time-of-day.

  • Assign a different toll-free number to each of your marketing campaigns and track & analyze results using Swift800 advanced reporting.

  • Record phone conversations to monitor the quality of customer service or the customer sales experience.


"We have found Swift911 to be the easiest emergency notification system to use. Great solution for our 2 million resident population."

-Terrence Vigilance - San Bernardino County, CA Fire Department