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How your school benefits

SLIM™ allows staff members of any school building to initiate a One Button Lockdown through various methods. The SLIM™ system can immediately alert police and staff, secure doors, flash strobe lights and much more. By incorporating SLIM™ into your existing procedures, you will improve the execution of your emergency plans in times of crisis as well as create a sense of safety and security for your staff, your students and the community.

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During an emergency or other type of incident, staff can alert others, report injured persons or other immediate hazards. Law enforcement and administration can observe these reports through text, pictures and a dynamic floor plan that changes room designations by color, icon and annotation. SLIM™ will revolutionize how you deal with emergencies and automatically turn your plans into action.

  • Initiate One Button Lockdown: Quickly and easily using any of the following:
    • Mobile App Button
    • Physical Panic Button (On wall or under desk)
    • Phone System (Soft button)
    • Text Message
  • Staff Instantly Alerted: Instructions sent discretely through SMS and/or overtly via existing PA system.
  • Police and 911 Alerted: Police and 911 dispatch immediately receive building floorplans with real-time status and camera feeds. They also receive an accountability list and location of all staff and students (some accountability features require SIS is integration).
  • Parents Alerted: Parents automatically contacted with instructions and location of student pickup.
  • Hotline Automatically Set Up: Parents can call in for more information and situation updates.
  • Drill Mode: Utilizing SLIM™, schools and law enforcement can implement "lockdown drills".
What else can be activated?

In addition to staff, police, 911 and parents being alerted, other devices can be activated. The system can secure all perimeter doors, disable card access, flash strobe lights warning people, trigger PA system message and more.

Lockdown (SLIM™)

Integrated with Swift911™ Alerting, SLIM™ allows staff members of any building to trigger a lockdown through a mobile app, panic button or text message. This trigger can immediately alert all staff, local law enforcement, as well as any defined contacts such as other buildings and surrounding homes.

SLIM™ provides law enforcement and first responders real-time visibility during a lockdown based on staff member check-in through the SLIM™ Responder mobile app.

  • Direct Communication: School staff can communicate discretely with law enforcement through text messages or chat. SLIM™ automatically distributes alerts using a district-defined scenario, including alerts to all school staff, law enforcement and the surrounding public areas.
  • Situational Awareness: Interactive floor plans are immediately available via any web-enabled device. Building status is indicated by real-time room color changes.
  • Triage Management: Student and staff injuries can be prioritized based on location, severity, and count.
  • Post-incident Reporting: Comprehensive log of all events for after-action analysis and legal proceedings.
  • Drill Mode: Utilizing SLIM™, schools and law enforcement can implement "lockdown drills".
Unprecedented real-time dynamic floor plans including video feeds, photographs and communication with school staff gives instantaneous situational awareness
SLIM™ Desktop Patent Pending

Using SLIM™, law enforcement is able to view an interactive building floor plan and obtain a live view through security video cameras.  The SLIM™ system provides a complete accountability list of people by room, floor and building as well as threat assessment with a threat type icon overlay on the floor plan.

This information is used to determine where people are within the building and gain an immediate understanding of their current well-being.

SLIM™ enables live, bi-directional communication between law enforcement and school staff detained by the incident using their existing mobile phones, either through text message or within the mobile apps.

Law enforcement can communicate with checked-in staff via the console using a desktop computer or tablet. SLIM™ can integrate with existing video cameras, electronic door locks, a PA system and physical panic buttons, making it easy to initiate an event at the scene.

All communication and events are logged by the system for post incident review.

SLIM™ Personal  iOS Android Windows Patent Pending

SLIM™ Personal
is a mobile app used by school staff to communicate with 911 dispatch and law enforcement in real-time during an emergency event. App users:
  • Automatically receive initial instructions relevant to the incident.
  • Check-in with current location and room status.
  • Can communicate directly with first responders.
  • Can transmit photos of injured people, threats, etc.
  • Can view floor-plans with evacuation or escape routes indicated.
SLIM™ Responder  iOS Android Windows Patent Pending

SLIM™ Responder
is a mobile app used by first responders to facilitate communication with incident management during an emergency event.
  • Direct access to building floor plans on a smart phone.
  • View building and room status including reported threat locations.
  • Change room status as a building is cleared.
  • Send notes with rich content including photos to incident command.


Patent Pending
SLIM™ is now part of Swift911

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