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Swiftreach Lockdown Incident Management (SLIM™) Patent Pending

In light of recent events, shopping malls and retail outlets are faced with unique security challenges. It has become increasingly important to provide shoppers with the perception that your retail facility is safe and secure. SLIM™, through its patent pending technology, enables direct communication between security personnel and both shoppers and retail employees. Shoppers & retail employees can utilize your existing mall mobile App, integrated directly into the SLIM™ system to provide a consistent branded interface, or utilize our SLIM™ Personal mobile App.

SLIM™ provides mall security, law enforcement, and first responders real-time visibility during a lockdown. Using SLIM, mall security can now quickly contain incidents allowing retail tenants to resume normal operations.

  • Situational Awareness: Floor plans are immediately available. Building status indicated by real-time room color changes and threat icon overlays.
  • Direct Communication: Communicate with building occupants discretely through SMS/TXT messages or chat. Broadcast messages to all occupants in a building or floor. Alert law enforcement and the surrounding public residential areas.
  • Minimize Disruptions: Resolve incidents effectively and discretely without creating undue alarm/concern. Avoid and solve potential disruptions (shoplifting, missing children, and false alarms, etc.).
Unprecedented real-time dynamic floor plans including video feeds, photographs and communication with building occupants gives instantaneous situational awareness
SLIM™ Desktop Patent Pending

Using SLIM™ Desktop, law enforcement is able to view an interactive building floor plan and a complete accountability list of people by room, floor and building. The SLIM™ system provides threat assessment with a threat type icons overlay on the floor plan.

SLIM™ enables live, bi-directional communication between mall security and those personnel detained by the incident using their existing mobile phones, either through text message or with the mobile apps.

Mall security can communicate with checked-in staff via the console using a desktop computer or tablet. SLIM™ can integrate with existing video cameras, electronic door locks, a PA system and physical panic buttons, making it easy to initiate an event at the scene.

SLIM™ Personal  iOS Android Windows Patent Pending

SLIM™ Personal
is a mobile app used by building occupants to communicate with 911 dispatch and law enforcement in real-time during an emergency event. App users:
  • Automatically sent initial instructions relevant to the incident.
  • Check-in with current location and room status.
  • Can communicate directly with first responders.
  • Can transmit photos of injured people, threats, etc.
  • Can view floor-plans with evacuation or escape routes indicated.
SLIM™ Responder  iOS Android Windows Patent Pending

SLIM™ Responder
is a mobile app used by first responders to facilitate communication with incident management during an emergency event.
  • Direct access to building floor plans on a smart phone.
  • View building and room status including reported threat locations.
  • Change room status as a building is cleared.
  • Send notes with rich content including photos to incident command.

"We have found Swift911 to be the easiest emergency notification system to use. Great solution for our 2 million resident population."

-Terrence Vigilance - San Bernardino County, CA Fire Department