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Integrated with Swift911™, SLIM™ (SwiftReach Lockdown Incident Management) allows staff members of any building to trigger a lockdown through a mobile app, panic button or text message.  This trigger can immediately alert all staff, local law enforcement, as well as any defined contacts such as other buildings and surrounding homes. 

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SLIM™ provides law enforcement and incident command with complete incident management access through a web-based, desktop console. First responders gain real-time visibility and interactivity on the scene during a lockdown using the SLIM™ Responder app for mobile phones and tablets.

  • Situational Awareness: Floor plans are immediately available. Building status indicated by real-time room color changes and threat icon overlays.
  • Direct Communication: Communicate with building occupants discretely through SMS/TXT messages or chat. Broadcast messages to all occupants in a building or floor. Alert law enforcement and the surrounding public residential areas.
  • Triage Management: Prioritize the treatment of the injured based on location, severity, and count.
  • Post-Incident Reporting: Comprehensive log of all events for after-action analysis and legal proceedings.
Unprecedented real-time dynamic floor plans including video feeds, photographs and communication with building occupants gives instantaneous situational awareness
SLIM™ Personal  iOS Android Windows Patent Pending

SLIM™ Personal
is a mobile app used by building occupants to communicate with 911 dispatch and law enforcement in real-time during an emergency event. App users:
  • Automatically sent initial instructions relevant to the incident.
  • Check-in with current location and room status.
  • Can communicate directly with first responders.
  • Can transmit photos of injured people, threats, etc.
  • Can view floor-plans with evacuation or escape routes indicated.
SLIM™ Responder  iOS Android Windows Patent Pending

SLIM™ Responder
is a mobile app used by first responders to facilitate communication with incident management during an emergency event.
  • Direct access to building floor plans on a smart phone.
  • View building and room status including reported threat locations.
  • Change room status as a building is cleared.
  • Send notes with rich content including photos to incident command.


Patent Pending
SLIM™ is now part of Swift911


"We have found Swift911 to be the easiest emergency notification system to use. Great solution for our 2 million resident population."

-Terrence Vigilance - San Bernardino County, CA Fire Department