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Software Providers across a multitude of vertical markets benefit by bolstering on SwiftReach’s emergency notification platform. These include application providers catering to K12 schools, higher-education, residential housing, billing, healthcare, government, utilities and more.

Application providers are continuously searching for new modules and features to offer, which both add customer value and generate new revenue streams. New functionality, however, should not come at the expense of your customers’ IT and administrative staff being required to learn and manage disparate systems. The key is to integrate additional functionality while maintaining the same “look and feel” of your existing software. 

SwiftAPI enables you to accomplish these objectives.  Developed in 2008, SwiftReach offers a comprehensive Restful API designed to allow software providers the ability to integrate the powerful SwiftReach emergency notification system into existing solution sets.  Nearly all feature functionality provided in Swift911 is available through the SwiftAPI.