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Retail -- Product Recalls

In the event of a product recall, retailers want to act fast. Emergency notification systems help to ensure consumer safety and protect brand reputation. While certain forms of recall processes are effective, oftentimes consumers need to be better informed. With today’s available technology, retailers can ensure the public’s safety more quickly and reliably than ever before.

To further improve upon recall processes, SwiftReach Networks has launched an advanced 2-way mass messaging system used to rapidly transmit time-sensitive information. In a matter of minutes, not possible before due to time and labor resources, retailers can now automatically dispatch thousands of voice recordings, emails and text messages to a mass targeted audience.

Retailers are able to view real-time reports on whether intended recipients received and understood the message. SwiftReach also allows the recipient to call back into the system to hear critical pre-recorded updates or be transferred to live customer support.

  • Benefits
  • SwiftReach provides automated mass messaging at a cost far less than traditional means.

  • Timely notifications can protect your customer's health.

  • Customers value real-time information during critical events. Gain competitive edge by quickly and easily communicating with your customers.

  • Simple web-based interface without requiring any hardware or software to purchase. Optional Integration into POS (Point-of-Sale) system.

  • Maintain a history of all notifications with detailed records for every call, email and text.

Notifications Sent via Most Popular Methods

  • phoneVoice
  • cell phoneText
  • emailEmail
  • rssRSS
  • twitterSocial Media