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Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and drug companies all require an efficient and secure means to communicate with staff, patients and healthcare practitioners. During a crisis or any time-sensitive event, emergency notification systems provide an invaluable tool keeping personnel informed and patients safe. 

With SwiftReach, healthcare practitioners are able to respond quickly to crisis situations which involve serious injuries and casualties. Hospitals can rapidly recall doctors, nurses and other necessary resources during emergency events. Drug companies and pharmacies can disseminate drug recall information quickly and securely to relevant personnel and customers.

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  • Automates processes and dramatically decreases the time and resources necessary to complete communication tasks.

  • Create more efficient communications with staff regarding shift scheduling, important announcements and meeting reminders.

  • Provide summary and detailed reporting on every message campaign including the type of message, message content and date/time sent and received.

  • Enables you to quickly alert first responders to coordinate necessary efforts to keep your community safe.

  • The SwiftReach NDN provides the highest level of success rates in emergency notification delivery. Customers benefit from an extraordinarily reliable and redundant solution, as all messages are delivered via 4 data centers and over 20 direct carrier interconnects.

  • With SwiftReach’s inbound call handling features, staff can focus on addressing emergencies without being overwhelmed by hundreds or thousands of incoming calls.

  • Swift911 is a 2-way platform allowing your constituents to stay connected during a crisis.

  • From one intuitive interface, customers can easily deliver alerts via multiple paths including voice, text, email, fax, RSS and social media.

  • Establish a secure, real-time communication link between doctors and hospitals.
  • Initiate a pin-based conference call to disseminate important information to department heads.
  • Communicate vital patient information including medical exam results in near real-time.
  • Demonstrate compliance through real time reporting on message deliveries and receipts.
  • Establish secure inbound hotlines for staff to call in to receive automated updates on critical situations.
  • Inform public about vaccination locations.
  • Notify staff of work closures and openings.
  • Quickly dispatch first-responders to emergency situations.
  • Provide critical informative updates to relevant individuals or departments.
  • Doctor’s offices deliver information to patients regarding appointment and medicine reminders.
  • Hospitals trigger an immediate staff recall to support a crisis/emergency situation.
  • Pharmacies deliver critical drug recall information to thousands or millions of patients within minutes.

Notifications Sent via Most Popular Methods

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