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Business continuity and employee safety are two of the highest priorities for any organization. During an emergency, companies of all sizes depend on SwiftReach to provide real time two-way communication with its staff and customers. 

Messages are sent to relevant departments and geographic locations based on the type of emergency, whether it’s an outage affecting product performance, a building fire or inclement weather notification. Message recipients can respond via the same communication path they received the message; by voice, text and/or email. Employers are able to generate quick, real time reports to ensure messages were listened to, read and understood.

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  • Automating processes dramatically decreases the time and resources necessary to complete communication tasks.

  • Through faster and broader communications, companies can send tens, hundreds, or thousands of voice, text, fax and email messages simultaneously.

  • Businesses depend on Swift911 to perform, particularly during crisis situations.

  • Minimize financial impact during an outage as notifications are quickly delivered to key personnel.

  • Swift911 delivers all messages via the SwiftReach NDN and unlike other notification approaches, eliminates telecom carriers as a single point of failure with intelligent routing technology.

  • Swift911 is a 2-way platform allowing your employees to stay connected during a crisis.

  • Using SwiftAPI, companies can manage all communication through existing HR management software.

  • Provides read receipts and length of time each voice message was listened to.

  • Customers choose between fixed fee and pay-per-use plans.

  • Reliable text messaging via direct binds with wireless carriers and the largest aggregators.
  • Single intuitive interface for managing all multi-modal communications
  • Customizable caller ID, caller ID name and message headers.
  • 2-way communication via voice and text confirms the relevant parties have received the message.
  • Create and launch alerts via phone, web and text message.
  • Mobile friendly application allows remote users to benefit from all Swift911 features.
  • Full GIS mapping capabilities.
  • Auto-trigger weather alerts based on real-time information feeds from NWS (National Weather Service).
  • Summary and detailed reporting during and after message campaigns.
  • Flexible data management options allowing creation of multiple lists, sub-lists and groupings.
  • API for integration into HR management system.
  • Granular login rights based on admin or read-only access.
  • Conference calling allows for 1-click conference call launch.
  • Hotline provides an 800 hot-line number to your employees to call to receive updated information. Present the caller with an automated menu structure and the ability to directly connect to a live person. All inbound capacity is hosted by SwiftReach to prevent your phone lines from being overloaded.
  • Building closures
  • Fires
  • Inclement weather announcements
  • Important meeting reminders
  • Terrorist warnings
  • Bomb alerts
  • Product / system outages
  • Business continuity

Notifications Sent via Most Popular Methods

  • phoneVoice
  • cell phoneText
  • emailEmail
  • rssRSS
  • twitterSocial Media