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During any type of emergency, utility companies are often in crisis mode attempting to address serious issues such as power outages and gas line breaks.

As part of an overall crisis management plan, emergency notification systems play a significant role in communicating critical information to its staff and customers. Recalling / dispatching key staff members and quickly notifying affected customers becomes of paramount importance.

Utility companies rely on SwiftReach to provide real time emergency communications during a crisis. Notification recipients can respond via the same communication path they received the message on;  via voice, text and email. Companies are able to generate quick, real time reports to ensure messages were listened to, read, understood and are being acted on appropriately.

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  • Through faster and broader communications, customers can send tens, hundreds, or thousands of voice, text, fax and email messages simultaneously.

  • Automates processes and dramatically decreases the time and resources necessary to complete communication tasks.

  • Business interruptions are minimized as appropriate personnel are quickly alerted regarding any outage or service impacting event.

  • With SwiftReach’s inbound call handing features, staff can focus on addressing emergencies without being overwhelmed by hundreds or thousands of incoming calls.

  • Enables you to quickly alert first responders to coordinate efforts to keep your community safe.

  • Swift911 is a 2-way platform allowing your employees and customers to stay connected during a crisis.

  • From one intuitive interface, customers can easily deliver alerts via multiple paths including voice, text, fax, email, RSS and Social Media.

  • Provides read receipts and length of time each voice message was listened to.

Utility companies use many of the features found in Swift911 and SwiftH20, including:

  • Reliable text messaging via direct binds with wireless carriers and the largest aggregators.
  • Single intuitive interface for managing all multi-modal communications.
  • Customizable caller ID, caller ID name and message headers increase chance of caller listening to and reading the message.
  • 2-way communication via voice and text confirms the relevant parties have received the message.
  • Web portal for customers to opt-in and manage their own contact information.
  • Mobile friendly application allows remote users to benefit from all Swift911 features.
  • Full GIS Mapping functionality including importing existing ESRI files.
  • Auto-trigger weather alerts based on real-time information streams from NWS/NOAA.
  • Summary and detailed reporting during and after message campaigns.
  • Flexible data management options allowing creation of multiple lists, sub-lists and groupings.
  • Call throttling at job campaign level to prevent local phone network overload.
  • Granular login rights based on admin or read-only access.
  • Conference calling integrated with Swift911™ allows for 1-click conference call launch.
  • Power Outages
  • Staff Recall
  • Personnel Dispatch
  • Timely updates to public
  • Disseminate shelter locations
  • Exacuation plans
  • Road closures
  • Gas line breaks
  • General safety procedures

Notifications Sent via Most Popular Methods

  • phoneVoice
  • cell phoneText
  • emailEmail
  • rssRSS
  • twitterSocial Media