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Schools require a fast and reliable way to contact thousands of parents, students and teachers without overloading its staff. Schools, colleges and universities benefit from SwiftReach’s easy-to-use, web-based emergency notification solutions which, at the click of a button, rapidly transmit voice, email and text messages to the appropriate parties. 

All messages are delivered via the SwiftReach NDN™ (Notification Delivery Network), the only network dedicated to delivering time-sensitive and emergency messages.

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  • Swift911 delivers all messages via the SwiftReach NDN eliminating telecom carriers as a single point of failure with intelligent routing technology.

  • Automates processes and dramatically decreases the time and resources necessary to complete communication tasks.

  • With Swift911’s inbound call handing features, staff can focus on addressing emergencies without being overwhelmed by hundreds or thousands of incoming calls.

  • Swift911 enables you to quickly alert the appropriate parties to coordinate necessary efforts to keep your students and staff safe.

  • The SwiftReach NDN provides the highest level of success rates in emergency notification delivery. With 4 data centers and over 20 direct carrier interconnects, SwiftReach provides 99.99999% uptime.

  • From one intuitive interface, customers can easily deliver alerts via multiple paths including voice, text, email, fax and social media.

  • Using multiple languages and multiple contact paths, every parent, student and staff member has the opportunity to receive and understand the message.

  • Provides read receipts and length of time each voice message was listened to.


  • Inform parents of early dismissals and delayed openings.
  • Inform parents about child’s attendance records and report cards.
  • Notify parents and staff of emergency evacuations via phone, email and text message within minutes.
  • Deliver a "lock-down" message to the appropriate administrative staff during a crisis.
  • Notify parents regarding important homework assignments or upcoming exams.
  • Remind parents and teachers about PTA conferences and other events.
  • Inform parents about disciplinary actions taken by the school.
  • Provide real-time inbound hotline to allow parents and staff to stay informed during an emergency.
  • Allow children to report “bullying” cases by responding to a two-way text message or calling in anonymously.
  • Generate a text message to parents when their child’s bus route has been changed.

Higher Education

  • Ensure student safety by rapidly delivering a text and phone call when an act of violence occurs on campus.
  • Provide safety tips during health emergencies including the spread of contagious viruses.
  • Deliver important news regarding weather announcements before and after they occur.
  • Provide information to students regarding time-sensitive events including class cancellations.
  • Allow students to report campus incidents in real time by calling in to record a message or be transferred to the admin office.
  • Poll students on a variety of campus issues through text.